Tips to help you pick the right hues for your space

Below is a cheat sheet for picking wall art colors for your home office, driven by how you want to feel.

Calm and Relaxed

To feel calm and relaxed, go for blue or green wall art. These colors are associated with nature, water, and sky, and can lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Plus, they look great with any decor style.

Energized and Creative

To feel energised and creative, go for yellow or orange wall art. These colors are bright, warm, and cheerful, and can stimulate your brain and boost your mood. They can also make your home office look more spacious and inviting.

Passion and Power

To feel enthusiastic and powerful, go for red or purple wall art. These colors are intense, dramatic, and romantic, and can increase your adrenaline and confidence. They can also make your home office look cosier and more luxurious.

Grounded and Balanced

To feel neutral and balanced, go for white or gray wall art. These colors are simple, elegant, and versatile, and can create a sense of harmony and clarity. They can also make your home office look more modern and sophisticated.

Funny and Quirky

To feel funny and quirky, go for pink or turquoise wall art. These colors are fun, playful, and unexpected, and can make you laugh and smile. They can also make your home office look more unique and original.

Experiment with Personal Taste

As you can see, distinct colors can have different effects on your mood and focus, depending on how you use them in your wall art. The best way to choose the right colors for your space is to consider the purpose and function depending on your work state, as well as your personal preferences and tastes. You can also experiment with different combinations of colors, patterns, textures, shapes, sizes, and styles of wall art to create a diverse and balanced visual appeal.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to decorate your office with colors if they make you happy and comfortable!

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