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Introducing home office design to enhance focuselevate moodinspire

Introducing home office design to elevate mood

A holistic sensory approach to creating home offices designed to enhance your focus, productivity and happiness.

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How to improve your home office...

How to improve your home office

Rothko inspired modern artwork
Wall Art

Explore how wall art can elevate mood, reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

Modern Grey Light shade on blue background

Lighting is key in creating a home office that supports your productivity and focus.

White over ear headphones on orange background
Noise & Acoustics

Control the noise and creating an office with supportive acoustics for home working.

Modern white desk and chair with lots of green plants
Climate Control

Learn how the indoor climate impacts your productivity and creative abilities.

Lavender and citrus smells

Explore how scents and smells can have positive effects on mood, focus and productivity.

Bright home office with natural light
Design Basics

Create a home office which will elevate your mood, enhance your focus and happiness.


Desk space to support focus and well being

By applying ergonomic principles to your home work space, you can enhance comfort, efficiency and productivity.

Modern home office with brown leather desk chair

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